Services We Offer

Full Restoration

A full restoration is returning a car to the same condition as when it was new. This involvs every inch of the car including the areas that may never be seen until future restorations. This is most evident with the body, trim, chrome, interior and wheels. The areas that are not seen are just as important like body mounts and chassis components

Custom Fabrication

Fabrication is required when correct replacement parts are not available for a full restoration. As for a custom hot rod or restomod, fabrication is what sets those cars apart from the crowd. Custom fabrication is what seperates a true custom from a car that is put together with “off the shelf” or “catalog” parts

Hot Rods

Hot Rods, Street Rods and Muscle Cars have been a part of our car culture from nearly the beginning of cars themselves. Who was the first person to say “I want mine just a little faster” or “I want mine to look a little sleeker”? Blame him. That is the guy that started all of this. That was the guy that lit the fire that burns in heart of every car enthusiast.

Custom Paint and Body

No mater what you are looking for, be it a factory showroom finish antique or a better than showroom finish “the way it should have come” classic or if you are looking for a full on custom Hot Rod, Street Rod or Muscle Car, Jireh Customs can build it for you. “If you can dream it, we can build it!”


All levels and aspects of restorations
Rotisserie restoration
Restoration of original paint
Restoration of original parts
Customizing any vehicle to Customer specifications
Custom Paint
Custom body work and fabrication
Buffing existing paint
Media blasting
Custom Interiors
Factory Correct Interiors
If you need it, we can provide it.

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